This cat refuses to sit anywhere else. #cats #catstagram #sampras #selfie

This cat refuses to sit anywhere else. #cats #catstagram #sampras #selfie

Obsessed with this book.  #books #reading #eleanorandpark #rainbowrowell

Obsessed with this book. #books #reading #eleanorandpark #rainbowrowell


I want to go to a bookstore and sit there and read and then have a boy walk up to me and comment on the book I’m reading and then he’ll sit down with me and talk to me about it and then we’ll fall in love and get married and read books together like is that too much to ask

Watched the episode of Criminal Minds where the UnSub targets hotel guests…

…on the night I’m staying in a hotel.

So long, sleep.


If I can find a human that makes me feel the way going to the library makes me feel I’ll know I’ve got it right.

And not until then!

I know everyone is obsessed with this game or whatever. But I just shrieked with excitement at this new high score.

I know everyone is obsessed with this game or whatever. But I just shrieked with excitement at this new high score.

Why I wanna go to Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy-Warty Hogwarts.


I assume this “question” is in reference to the post I made where I was all like “Hogwarts, duhhhh,” after reblogging the following picture:


If that’s the case, then too right you are. Allow me to explain myself. 

I almost immediately eliminated Wonderland because, let’s be real, nothing cool happens in Wonderland. Like, the only thing about Wonderland that seems even remotely neat is the fact that there’s a cat who can talk ‘cause I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished that my cat would just tell me what she wants. But, alas, the Cheshire Cat is kind of a fickle, crazy person animal, and everything else that happens in Alice’s story sounds quite a lot like a nightmare I had once. So. No thanks.

Next, I gave the boot to Camelot because, frankly, I don’t really know what went down there. I know there was a chick named Guinivere and I know that some kid (presumably King Arthur????) pulled a sword out of a stone and I know that there was a magic dude named Merlin. But beyond that? No clue. So, I bid Camelot adieu. 

Getting rid of Middle Earth was almost as easy because as much as I am shamed to admit it, I don’t really remember much of what I read of the LotR/the Hobbit. I’d like to change this, but eh. For now, no Middle Earth for me.

I considered Neverland for a hot minute because it’s always seemed to me a place without responsibility and right now responsibility is really bringing me down, you know? But honestly, if I was gonna be any age forever (because presumably I’d be the type of person who wouldn’t age), I’d want to be 17, and sadly, I’ve already entered my late-20s. Plus, do I seem like the type of person who could survive pirates and walking planks and stuff? Never. Ever.

So, then came Narnia, and, like, I’d love to go to Narnia. Mystical beasts who can speak? A giant feline for a best friend? Beautiful lands I would naturally get to rule forever? Yes, please. But — I’m not stupid. That door isn’t a wardrobe in my foster parents’ office or whatever. It’s not taking me to Narnia. 

And Westeros sounds awesome, too. Like, I can’t get enough of the people fighting for the Iron Throne, but let’s face it. Winter is coming, and I hate the cold. And even though the buzzfeed quiz I took told me I was most like Daenerys “Khaleesi” Targaryen, I just don’t think I could hack it in good ol’ Westeros. Dragons or no dragons.

And that leaves Hogwarts. Never mind the fact that I’ve wanted magical powers since before I can remember, there’s all sorts of things going on at Hogwarts that I’d love. Like quidditch. And people who can turn into animals on whim. And apparition. And some of the coolest sounding mythical beasts I’ve ever encountered. Who wouldn’t want to ride a Hippogriff or own a pet Phoenix? Hogwarts is one of the most complex worlds ever created with some of the most likable characters ever created and I would straight up immerse myself in that world (f’real ‘cause I already did it by reading the books 10+ times) in a heart beat.

As for what would happen when I got there…. well that’s a story for another day, I think.

Hogwarts, duhhhhhh.

Hogwarts, duhhhhhh.

Yeah, but she has bones like a skeleton.
Actual quote from a student excusing her friends weakness during today’s medicine ball workout.